What we are:

The American Coalition for Green Energy is an educational entity organized and operating as a non profit organization (501 (c) 3) who’s purpose is to promote alternative energy, educate people as to the short and long term benefits and the truth behind our current energy infrastructure. It is our intention to help guide this country onto the best path toward a clean green renewable energy economy and help people make the transition. We will be using education, promotion and marketing through seminars, fund raising events, documentary film production and mass media to achieve this goal.

Hydro-electric is the process of using the flow of water to generate electricity. The most well know example of that is a dam. Aside from that we have several new technologies available to us.

As for the setup for our shop we need to create a interesting sign design that was tougher than we figured it would be. We used Americansignletters and we’re very happy with the project overall and the finished look of our letters.

Tidal generation is currently being used with great success in Europe. Tidal Energy Generation is achieved by using the tidal flow in the ocean to turn a turbine that is capable of generating electricity turning in both directions. This technology unlike wind and solar is totally predictable and consistent day and night as long as the tide is flowing. Wave generation is achieved with special generators that generate from the motion of the waves and of course river flow is self explanatory. We have lots of ocean and lots of rivers. Another way to generate electricity from the ocean are off shore wind farms. If we were to reach a point where we no longer needed the existing oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico that would be an excellent place for wind turbines and wave generators.

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