Tire Recycling Project.

We will open several locations in the high desert area of Southern California to be used as free drop off locations for scrap tires. The intention here is to relieve the illegal dumping of tires in the area. We will also undergo a comprehensive collection effort to rid the desert of the existing piles of tires. The tires will be taken to those companies that recycle them.

Public Service Announcements.

We will be running PSA’s anywhere we can to educate the general public to the truth behind “Clean Coal” and Nuclear Energy focusing on the harvesting of these energy sources, strip mining and mountain top removal mining and the inherent dangers that come with these energy resources.

Greenway Stores.

In addition to our online store it is our intention to open a chain of stores that sell nothing but green products. From personal transportation such as electric scooters and bicycles to solar lights, CFL light bulbs and LED lights to green biodegradable cleaning products and so on. All proceeds will of course go to the organization to fund other projects and day to day expenses.

Green Habitats.

It is our intention when funding is available to work with organizations such as Habitats for Humanity to subsidize wind and solar systems for limited income households to help people greatly reduce or eliminate at times their use of conventional utilities.

The Big Green Solar Bus

With our commitment to the education of Alternative Energy in this country, we are formulating a plan to go to the schools to help educate our children about energy in this country, its past, present and future. One of the key components of this program will be “The Big Green Solar Bus” and it will be exactly that. We will be purchasing a old school bus as pictured and converting to a class room on wheels and painting it green of course. The bus will run on B-100 (100% bio-diesel).

We will take this old bus and turn it into a mobile alternative energy learning center with a working solar system, a working wind turbine system, a working bio-diesel micro-biorefinery and loads of educational information about Alternative Energy and our existing energy systems.

Green Schools, Green Jobs.

As time goes on and this country starts to make an aggressive transition from conventional energy to renewable clean green alternative energy we must assist those displaced from their jobs by the transition. We will spearhead a grant program for displaced workers to go back to school to learn this new trade and also have in place a nationwide job placement program.

There will be much more.

All of this is a enormous undertaking and we welcome it with our total and complete commitment.